Simple tip for stacking TCL-X100 and WCL-X100

Since getting the X100F, I've been looking to refine how I use the camera and carry it's accessories. In a few days, hopefully I'll have up on the blog my impression of the X100F compared to the previous generations of X100.

Even though the X100F is built to be a single lens camera, the converter lenses helps a lot in bringing more versatility out of the already excellent lens. When traveling light, I carry only the X100 and both of the converter lenses (TCL-X100II & WCL-X100II). My camera bag all have been deeper than it is wider, and I felt like it's really a waste of space not to utilize the vertical space.  So a while back I've started with experimenting with double sided caps for securing the lenses.  The lens stack feels hefty, like a single lens, and can take up one precious space instead of two inside the camera bag.

First, a video of it in action:

As you can see, the cap is very tight and secure and easy to manipulate.

Now back to where I left off:  If you've noticed, the official rear caps for the converter lenses are both flimsy and loose and doesn't provide any actual grip to the lens, it's a loose plastic hood.  However the diameter of the rear is still 49mm so we can use two 49mm front caps to make one double cap.  Through out many iterations, I've used screw caps, center pinch caps, and most recently outer pinch caps to get the job done.  Being in Japan last month, I had access to many first party lens caps by the likes of Panasonic, Ricoh, Pentax, Fuji and lots more in a brick and mortar store.  I bought a dozen different caps to experiment with and finally have found the best cap in my opinion to make a double sided pinch cap for the TCL and WCL.

I recommend using the Pentax 49mm Snap-On Lens Cap 31491, this lens cap has the strongest springs to keep the teeth locked to the lens cap.  The only thing you need to do this is two lens caps and a tube of super glue.

Few things to note:

When gluing, make sure you separate the tabs so they're not lined up.  Reason being that if they're lined up, you will end up unlocking both lenses when you try to unlock it quickly.  I lined up so they're right next to each other, other things you can do is to line them up perpendicularly, it's a matter of preference and I recommend you finding the best way that suits you.

Other caps may potentially work, as long as they're not the center pinch kind (this one works as well, though I can't speak for it's spring strength).  You'll want as much surface area as possible to have the two caps make contact.  Screw caps are elegant and more secure, and is the way to go if you want class, but they require two hands to undo as opposed to one.

I have some grip tape cut and taped to the converter lenses to improve grip.  It mainly helps during screwing on and off part.  It also helps to prevent the TCL from touching the surface when you set it down.  I also use it on other parts of the camera to improve grip.

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